The Baseball Boombox- (2 Boxes per Month or 2 Box Single Purchase)

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This is a box that includes

  • Packs: 7-10 Unsearched hobby packs (Baseball)
  • Supplies: Penny sleeves and top loaders
  • Promotions: extra packs (10+) and curveballs will be inserted randomly! The more subscribers the better and more frequent they get!

Packs are from 2017, 2016, 2015 hobby products

(Packs shown in any picture on our website may not be the packs you receive. Packs are chosen randomly)

*****30-day subscriptions ship out on May 29th this month. If you order a one-time purchase it ships out the day of your order. (Feel free to order both!)

**** 15-day interval subscriptions ship on May 14th and May 29th this month!