TUA TICKET PROMO!!!! Find 1 of 10 tickets in your box and you have the chance to win a TUA TAGOVIOLA Autographed FULL-SIZE Dolphins Helmet we will be giving away at the end of the month. If you find a ticket in your box, email us a picture of it front and back! Details will then be given to you about the time and date of the giveaway! Ther other ticket finders will receive a minimum $10 off there next boombox purchase or a surprise gift giveaway! Total of up to 25 contestants (Joint giveaway with the Platinum Football & Bonus Tickets (Can be found in any sport or box))

This is a box that includes

  • Packs: 6-10+ Unsearched NFL hobby packs (Football)
  •           At least 4 packs will be high-end products and will be announced!
  •          The rest of the packs will include no college products!!
  • Supplies- One-Touch (Magnetic Case) OR Screwdown Case (Only for the near future)
  • Promotions: extra packs (10+) and curveballs will be inserted randomly! The more subscribers the better and more frequent they get!
  • This month's packs are pictured in the images of this product~

Packs are from 2020-2014 hobby products!

*bonus packs and featured packs may be from different years

*****30-day/Once a month subscriptions ship out on the 1st every month. All boxes ship out same or next day **Including Subscriptions**. (Feel free to order both!)

**** 15-day/Twice a month interval subscriptions ship on 1st and 15th every month.

*** 7-day intervals are on their own schedule

***Now when anyone signs up for a subscription no matter the frequency, the box will be shipped out the next business day. The next charge date will then be moved to the nearest day that allows for it to match up with the group charge date. (Example Below)

For Example: If Bob signs up for a 30-day subscription on September 8th his box will ship out on September 9th and his next charge date will be on October 1st. Please, note that is only 22 days and this charge date will only be changed once and will begin being charged every 30 days/month after this change. Just shoot us an email at Support@TheOriginalBoombox.com if you have any questions.